“I am very fit so I cannot say that I feel a difference in my body but I have lost 2kg’s from 76 – 74. I drive all the way from Roodepoort to Pretoria to buy Designer Water, I have been doing it for months and will continue doing so.”

Bob Walker Campbell – Gauteng

“Designer Water has helped me with weight loss, it gives my family energy and makes them feel good. It has also helped with my son’s pimples”

Victor Moeti

“The 1st time I drank the water I could feel the acid leaving my body. Now I can’t drink any other water. It just feels healthy.”

 Jeanette, Vosloorus




“I started working for designer water in June 2016, I never understood the power of water until I joined the designer water team. After doing a live blood analyses and actually seeing what is happening in my body I quickly realised that water is just not water.  I have seen how designer water can improve what is happening in my blood within 1 hour of taking Designer Water (alkaline water) the results has blown me away!    Even if you don’t physically feel immediate changes or results –  your blood does!  It is a pretty good feeling to also hear the positive stories as customers comes in to refill their water. It’s great to be part of a company that helps thousands of customers daily.”

Juanita Van Staden, Branch Manager Designer Water


“I have not been using the water for too long and I don’t drink the daily amount that I should.  But since I have been drinking the water my heartburn is less, It’s not completely gone but I am confident that if I increase my daily intake the heartburn will be completely gone.  There is a Definite improvement, I also have a deep pain in my bones and I don’t know how to explain this but it feels like my bones are physically in pain, Since I have been drinking the water there is no pain at all.   The Designer Water team have a very informative website.”
Anneline Pieters  – Braamfontein


“I am Anaemic and the water balanced my body.  I suffer from eczema, when I was introduced to Designer Water and started using it on a daily basis I noticed that my skin was clearing up and my skin was not so dry anymore. The benefit is that not only did my skin clear but I have more energy. I wake up every morning energized, it feels like my brain and body is breathing.   I also drink a lot of water before I start menstruating and I don’t have as much pain like I did before.   Designer Water is the purest form of water closest to heaven.”

Nonku – Gauteng


“About a year ago I started drinking your Alkaline Water and it really worked wonders for me. I tried “Alkaline Water” from another water company, they use Reverse Osmosis and re-mineralise the water. My back became stiff and more painful than usual. I developed wrist pain and it made me constipated even though I was drinking more of it than usual. I decided to go back onto your water to see what would happen. Within a week my back pain was virtually gone, my wrist was better and my tummy was working normally. Even though I was drinking less.”

Teresa Welthagen, Centurion


“I used to suffer from exhaustion. Since drinking Designer Water I don’t feel tired anymore. It has helped me significantly with constipation. My constipation is gone! I also used to drink enough water during the day but my urine still had a bad smell and was dark in colour. Now my urine is clear and has no smell.”

Stephen Mathisa


 “My name is Modipa. I just want to share my experience with designer alkaline water. Ever since using this water my tummy has flattened, it clears heart burn right away I give it to my five-year-old daughter when she complains about stomach-ache and it helps her. I feel energized.”

Modipa Tsiu, Kosmosdal


“Oh my word Heather……………I am so overwhelmed right now. Just when it seems like doors are being shut in our faces all over. I cannot express my gratitude. Please just give me till early next when all details are finalised. Please tell Mr. Thompson I say thank you very much from the bottom of my heart…………….and thanks to you as well”

Cancer Sponsorship, Debbie Keyser


I have a chronic ear condition from multiple ear ruptures from my Military service, and also from training and competing in Jiu jitsu, wrestling, and Muay Thai. My ear does not drain properly and the fluids build up a great deal of pressure. Since drinking Chanson Alkaline Water I have had no migraine headaches, and also the build-up has been reduced drastically.”




Author, The Secret of Life-Giving Water

“Water is not just some colorless and tasteless one-dimensional liquid; on the contrary, life on earth originated from water, and all life forms depend on water to sustain them. …Without water neither humans nor any other life forms can exist.”


Author, Reverse Aging

“Since the accumulation of acid wastes is aging, the reduction of acid wastes is reverse aging. Alkaline water is not a medicine to cure any disease. However, if consumed regularly, alkaline water helps to gradually reduce the accumulated acid wastes.”

Sang Whang’s book, Reverse Aging, greatly influenced me to spend the money [$1,100.00, which was a huge investment for me at the time] and purchase my first water ionizer back in the early 90’s. I bought a water ionizer to “reverse aging” for myself. I wanted to avoid all of the body conditions associated with aging (that Sang Whang mentions he had before buying his first water ionizer) and also look good all the way through my middle and senior years. I’m happy to say that I’ve accomplished all of that and obviously Sang Whang did as well. He explains his story, briefly, in this video. I think Sang Whang’s book is as relevant today as it was when I bought it, and everybody wanting to understand the simple science of aging should buy this book. You can see his video interview here.



“…people with more acidic blood were more likely to be ill. He defined a pH range of 7.4 to 7.5 to be associated with good health. When foods are metabolized, acids are produced which are neutralized by the alkaline salts (carbonates) of calcium, magnesium, potassium and sodium. Foods containing chlorine, phosphorous, sulfur and nitrogen, animal products and refined carbohydrates tend to be acid forming.” Dr. Howard Hay (1930)


Author, Alkalize or Die

“I have administered over 5000 gallons of this water for about every health situation imaginable. I feel that restructured alkaline water can benefit everyone.”


Now that a year has passed, I can see a profound difference in my family’s health and well-being. The water Ionizer is the only change that we made in our household so I give it credit for all the health benefits that we have noticed. We noticed immediately that the water not only tasted better, but that it was more hydrating. Instead of forcing my kids to drink water they seemed to crave it. We never leave the house without filling a water bottle first. After a few months, I noticed that my husband’s fingernails started to straighten out; they used to have deep indents and grooves in them. My daughter’s complexion has cleared, my son lost twenty pounds and I haven’t been sick in over a year. That’s just the most profound, the list goes on!

The one thing that surprised me the most was how often I use the acid water. There are so many uses for it than there are for the alkaline water. I use it every day throughout the house and garden. I use it for hygiene, first aid and for making tinctures with herbs. Again, the list goes on!!

So, thanks for a great year, I am so glad that I made that purchase!

Stephanie Murray