Designer Water™ The African Market Leader In Alkaline Water

When it comes to manufacturing Alkaline Water, no other company in Africa makes the same quality and purity that Designer Water does.

In 2019 Designer Water won two awards in the prestigious MEA Business Awards. 

  1. The most innovative bottled water company in Africa
  2. Best Alkaline Water production company in South Africa

When it comes to internationally recognized certifications for the quality we hold ISO 22000, SABS, SANAS, Halaal, and Kosher certifications.

We also expect to get SANBWA and GFSI soon.

We are committed to quality. We are committed to making a difference in our communities. We are committed to making the best alkaline water.

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Why Is Designer Water pH 10 Alkaline Water better for you?

Better Hydration

Since Designer Water™ is highly alkaline, the water molecules are smaller than the molecules found in ordinary water. When water molecules are smaller, they are more readily absorbed by your body’s cells, leading to a much higher quality hydration process.

Great Taste

Though water is meant to be tasteless, ordinary drinking water with a neutral pH has a rather heavy taste to it. Designer Water™, on the other hand, has a 99.9% pure, clean, crisp and refreshing taste to it, a difference you will immediately feel when you take your first sip of Designer Water™. Not drinking water because it has no taste is not an excuse you can use anymore when you switch to Designer Water!

Energy Boosting

By greatly enhancing the quality of hydration, Designer Water™ is able to optimize all of the processes in your body that critically depend on hydration. When various water-dependent processes like metabolism, digestion, sleep, recovery and muscle repair are improved, you will enjoy a tremendous boost in the energy you feel, on an everyday basis.

Immune Boosting

Most of us have an acidic body, caused by stress, poor diet and a variety of environmental toxins that we are constantly exposed to. Designer Water™ neutralizes your body’s acidic environment, especially in your stomach and intestinal tract, substituting it with a safer alkaline environment that boosts your immune system. An alkaline body is so powerful that it can even fight off cancer, whereas an acidic body can harbor and aid the growth of cancerous cells!

Anti-Oxidant & Anti-Aging

Designer Water™ is a powerful anti-oxidant. Capable of fighting and dramatically reducing free-radical damage, it has the ability to severely slow signs of aging. Therefore, simply by drinking Designer Water™ you can enjoy several anti-aging benefits like better skin, better hair and better vitality that do not reflect your real age.

Customer Feedback

When it comes to the benefits of our Designer Water™, you don’t have to take our word for it! See what our excited customers have to say here!

About Designer Water

Delivering happiness in
alkaline water since 2013

Designer Water – Born Out of 7 Years of Research!

Designer Water™ is manufactured in a state of the art ISO 22000 facility right here in South Africa. Rated as a 99.995% pure, super-charged, ionized alkaline water, Designer Water™ is currently unmatched when it comes to purity and pH consistency.

It took over 7 years of very careful R&D for Designer Water™ to become the reality that it is today.

Designer Water is an Eco-Friendly Company

At Designer Water, we place a heavy emphasis on being an eco-friendly company. This is why all entrepreneurs we work with are trained on how to recycle our company’s plastic water bottles. We also extend our recycling-training to plastics of all kinds, to help South Africa become more eco-friendly.

You can learn more about our training program here.

rapid success accelerator program

Designer Water Empowers South Africans

Designer Water has empowered thousands of ordinary South Africans with an entrepreneurial opportunity to sell, market and benefit from the sale of Designer Water™, South Africa’s leading brand of alkaline water. By enabling successful entrepreneurs, Designer Water™ is able to significantly contribute to the South African economy.

Are you an entrepreneur who wants to learn more about how you can work with Designer Water™? Learn more about how to work with us, here.

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