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The veteran performer, singer, songwriter PJ Powers recently took to social media to share her experience with using Designer Water, she gave the product a raving review and credited the water in the amazing improvement of her health.

about designer water


In a testimonial, Lea said: "Designer Water was recommended by my doctor. I used to drink water, but now I drink a lot more. I love the way it feels in my tummy. It helps me with my stomach problems and constipation. It has helped relieve my joint pain as the doctor promised. I use to get a lot of headaches and now I don’t get them anymore. I even take my 3 litres of water with me on the Gautrain to make sure I get enough. I can’t live without my water.

The secret behind this world wide phenomenon is simple says Designer Water Founder, John Thompson "I realized I had a higher purpose and a responsibility to help my community. I started looking for a way to make a difference in South Africa, my home. I already owned my own alkaline water system which was recommended to me by Anthony Robbins and it had already changed my health and well-being in unmeasurable ways.  The product is widely used across Asia, the US and Europe but locally there weren't any companies truly committed to promoting the product and its amazing benefits. There have been some truly incredible results and stories where it had helped people suffering with Cancer, Diabetes, Metabolic syndrome, Rheumatoid Arthritis, Parkinson’s, and Alzheimer’s to name but a few of the various illnesses where benefit has been seen by consuming this amazing water.  Alkaline Ionized Water has saved me approximately R151000 over the last 4 years in medical expenses. The quality of life increase is priceless”.

The Product has also transformed the life of a Franchisee who is also a mother, who stopped life in its tracks to drive down to Johannesburg in a quest to acquire the product in order to stock and change the lives of the people in her community and surrounding areas, the business is doing so well she has high hopes of eventually exporting the product to neighbouring Zimbabwe.

Designer water is a story of success not only for individuals or health purposes it’s a business success story.

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About Designer Water

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