About Our Ionized Water

Water coming from public water supply, filtered and alkaline ionized water by a Chanson Water Ionizer, is healthy for the following reasons:

- It is tasteless, odourless and it has the chemical and physical properties required by the law;

- It is free of the pollutant agents normally gathered along the public water supply pipelines;

- It contains zero chlorine, thanks to its filtering system.

- It has considerable antioxidant properties.

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Applications of alkaline ionized water

Alkaline ionized water reduces oxidation due to food acids and to environmental pollution; it helps eliminate free radicals and it is very useful to keep a correct alkaline pH inside our body.

- It is rich in oxygen, very useful for human body;
- It can be easily absorbed and activated to help cellular functions, as the size of its clusters (groups of cells) is similar or inferior than that of somatic cells;
- It does not alter the waters natural properties and components (calcium, potassium, magnesium, sodium) necessary to our body;
- Its clusters are collected in an hexagon shape (a 2-4 structure), the best condition for water to be absorbed and to guarantee its functions;
- It has the same healthy effects alkaline food has.

The beneficial effects of alkaline Ionized water

- Helping regulating blood pressure;

- Helping digestion;

- Helping regulating your pH;

- Reducing acidosis;

- Slowing down cells ageing process;

- Energizing and antioxidant;

- Enhancing the taste of food.

Some useful advice to use alkaline ionized water

- Cooking rice: before cooking rice, keep it in alkaline water for 60 mins. Rice cooked in alkaline water is more lucid and tastes better.
- Coffee and black tea: alkaline water eliminates the bitter taste in coffee and in black tea, intensifying the original fragrance and taste.
- Liquors and cocktails: alkaline water makes them lighter and more delicate in taste.
- Fruits and vegetables: washing fruits and vegetables in pH10 water before storing it can extend their freshness. Washing vegetables for 20-30 mins before cooking them eliminates bad smells.
- Plants: watering plants with alkaline water after trimming them will increase their growth. Watering seeds before sowing them will help sprouts development.
- It can be used to dilute babies powder milk.

The benefits of Ionized water

Applications of acid water

Clean your house with acid ionized water!

Acid ionized can be used for hygienic purpose as it contains minerals like sulfur chloride useful to sterilization and disinfection.

Acid water

- By selecting pH 5.5, you will enhance water astringent properties, suitable for skincare.

- By selecting pH 3.5, you will get a bland disinfectant.

This has beneficial effects and uses (For outer use only, NOT DRINKABLE)

- Relieving athlete's foot and eczema;

- Sterilizing burns;

- Improving complexion look;

- Softening dry skin;

- Speeding up wound healing process;

- Good mouthwash;

- Helping reduce acne;

- It is excellent for washing your hair.

- It helps the growth of plants;

- It prolongs cut flowers duration.