Alkaline Water May Assist With Treating Your Diabetes?

Alkaline Water May Assist With Treating Your Diabetes

Can You Imagine AWorld Without Disease? Or At Least Without Diabetes?

Now, I know the above heading sounds crazy, but the facts are that there are populations from around the world that have virtually no diseases, especially not diabetes.

After my own struggle with my health, I decided just over 6 years ago that I was going to live till at least 100 years of age, and live illness and disease free without being a burden to my family and loved ones. I even started writing a book on the topic, but my grades weren’t great in English class, so that’s been a bit of struggle.

As you know, the world is getting sicker every single day. Some say it’s the lifestyle, stress, food, toxins etc.

I mean just look at this statistic from the World Health Organization (WHO). 8.5% of people globally now have diabetes, 322 million (422 million total) more in the last 24 years. The united nations estimate that 3.4 million people die from diabetes every year!

What if I told you we are looking at a possible solution to this problem that’s easily available to all of us right now.

Please watch this potential Diabetes treatment video and share it with others who may benefit

Change your water, change your life. What a bizarre concept. If it can help with diabetes which other illnesses and health conditions can benefit? We know it can help athletes perform better, assist with metabolic syndrome, cancer, weight loss, pain, Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s and even autoimmune conditions like rheumatoid arthritis.  For a complete list with study links please click here

I have spent the last 5 years perfecting our bottled water. In fact, the alkaline water you see in the video is what we now have available in our bottle. As a company, we are proud of what we have achieved and it’s our fiduciary responsibility to stand on the roof tops, scream it out and let everyone know so that we can all benefit from it. We have been keeping it a secret for way too long.

Because it’s my birthday in September and I want to give and add massive value to all our clients we have super downsized the pricing on our alkaline water, bottled products.

Get access to our new alkaline water pricing structure here, you can also buy at wholesale and we have added new case SKU’s

It has never been easier to get access to it and when it helps you we would like to make you a part of our team so you can also help us change South Africa, then the continent and eventually the world.

We are going to help more than 1 million people this year and it’s all because of you! I don’t think I can ever say thank you enough.

See you at the bottom of the bottle

John, Founder Designer Water



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