Amazing Benefits of Alkaline Water

alkaline water

Most people believe that alkaline water has plenty of health-enhancing advantages like weight loss, blood pressure reduction, detoxification, and bone health improvement. Some credits micro-clustering while others credit molecular hydrogen as the reasons why alkaline water works great for you. But according to actual research, the benefits that you get from alkaline water originate from the mineral content, its alkalinity, and its antioxidant capabilities.

Alkaline water is the ideal source of calcium and magnesium.

The World Health Organization (WHO) has conducted a research and revealed that alkaline water is the world’s prime origin of calcium and magnesium. This is particularly possible because the body absorbs the said essential minerals from water not less than 30% quicker and easier as compared to getting them from food or supplements. Such findings are supported by a separate research that exhibited that people who get sufficient calcium from their diets considerably benefit from getting calcium from their water as well. Brought about by several studies about the bioavailability of calcium and magnesium in the alkaline water, the WHO recommended that you should get 10%-20% of daily calcium and magnesium needs in water form in order for you to sustain good health.

Why is calcium from alkaline water good for you?

Calcium is required for each metabolic procedure in your body. It is vital in having good heart and bone health. The problem is it can be hard for your body to absorb calcium. The chlorophyll in most vegetables attaches calcium in the gut that makes it difficult for your body to absorb. One more restricting component is pH. A research was conducted where the speed of calcium absorption was compared between alkaline and acidic water. The results show that drinking calcium in alkaline water raised calcium absorption and drinking calcium in acidic water actually had no impact on calcium absorption.

Restricting components are not present in the uptake of calcium when it’s taken via alkaline water. Research has actually revealed that individuals who have difficulties absorbing calcium from typical sources like food and supplements effortlessly take in calcium from alkaline water. Some established health experts are even starting to claim that there is a connection between bone health and alkaline water.

The researchers concluded that the greater the alkalinity of the water is, the higher the protective effect you get for your arteries. This study is the largest ever made about the effects of drinking water on a person’s heart health. They studied the health results of individuals living in areas where the drinking water has low mineral content called soft water as compared with those who live in areas that carried plenty of minerals in their drinking water, which is called hard water. The researchers discovered that hard water is better than soft water where your heart health is concerned. They also mentioned that the higher the pH level of the water that you drink, the more your arteries and heart will get protection.

A water ionizer would be helpful as it increases the pH level of your water to reach the healthy point and it concentrates the presence of calcium and magnesium. The latter mineral gives the greatest benefit to your heart health.

Alkaline water’s antioxidant capabilities are very important to digestive health.

Almost everyone knows that having good health starts in the gut. Good microbes and harmful ones are always in a tug-of-war in your gut. To help the good ones win, drinking alkaline water is strongly suggested.

The probiotic microbes prefer an antioxidant surrounding inside your gut. The bad ones favor the oxidative surrounding. There is credible and authoritative clinical proof that alkaline water is good for your gut health. Japanese clinical experiments found that 88% of their patients who had mild digestive upset experienced either full or partial relief just by drinking alkaline water.

For acid reflux, alkaline water also exhibited to be just as effective as PPI medications. If you mix the water with a sensible diet, you may get better results than PPI medicines and you won’t have to suffer the harmful side effects. Alkaline water suspends or stops pepsin, which an enzyme that causes the painful intensity of acid reflux.

Alkalinity can help in many other diseases.

Health issues like obesity, heart disease, osteoporosis, arthritis, and more are all epidemics and affect millions, are absolutely preventable, and are connected to unhealthy diet and too much acidity. Millions of Americans and everywhere else in the world are affected and those who are suffering from the mentioned illnesses are slowly succumbing to disabilities, poor health, and even early death.

Metabolic syndrome, which is a combination of physiological malfunctions include the health issues stated earlier. It is a persistent metabolic acidosis that’s a temporary condition where your blood pH nosedives to alarmingly low levels. If you have a healthy body, the metabolic acidosis is corrected by your own body and no medications are needed. Those who are unhealthy need help and alkaline water is a good and easy way to start. According to clinical tests, blood pH can be raised from 40%-70% just by drinking alkaline water within the healthy pH levels for blood in terms of metabolic acidosis.

Individuals who have obesity and those who struggle with issues like acid reflux and arthritis are given the advice to try drinking alkaline water. Clinical findings reveal that the water can help decrease blood pressure, reduce weight, enhance blood sugar levels, and minimizes the pace of bone loss.


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