Designer Water Alkaline Bottled Water Frequently Asked Questions

Water Ionizer Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Why Is Alkaline Water Better For Me?

A: Alkaline water means any water that has a pH higher than 7.0. And just because water has a higher pH it doesn’t necessarily mean it is better for you. But from a science point of view, it really depends on what is causing the high pH and what is dissolved in it. Really beneficial high pH water like Designer Water achieve its benefits by creating a highly negative ion reducing water. Designer Water with a pH of 10 or higher is achieved through its proprietary ionization process which created supercharged ionized water.

Q: What is Alkaline Water?

A: Alkaline water means any water that has a pH higher than 7.0. The correct scientific term for water with a pH of higher than 7.0 is called a Base, whereas water with a pH lower than 7.0 is called an Acid. That said, Base or Acid water is not considered alkaline or acidic unless it has metal salts in it.

Q: Is Alkaline Water Good For Me?

A: To know whether alkaline water is good for you or not really depends on what is causing alkalinity in the water. If its natural minerals dissolved in the water, then it’s safe within limits of course. If it’s Sodium Hydroxide (commonly known as lye), then it’s dangerous. An important thing to note is that high alkaline water and high pH water are not the same thing. What Designer Water delivers is a high pH (10 or higher) water that is created through our own and unique ionization process. This process increases the concentration of electrons; this is what gives Designer water its high pH.

Q: What Is Ionized Alkaline Water?

A: Ionized alkaline water is water that contains mineral ions in it. Two things to consider, minerals in water become ionized when they lose or gain electrons. And secondly, ions are atoms that can be either positively or negatively charged. The positively charged atoms are what make the water pH go below 7.0 thus making that water an Acid or acidic. And negatively charged atoms make the water pH go above 7.0 resulting in the water being a Base or alkaline water. Designer Water’s proprietary ionization process creates a negative ion water (a Base) – which results in a supercharged ionized alkaline water that’s good for you.

Q: But What Does It Taste Like?

A: Water! We understand the word “alkaline” can make you think of the batteries in your car, but there’s no metallic taste. Because Designer Water contains ionized alkaline minerals, it tastes naturally clear and clean — and each sip goes down smoothly.

Q: Does It Need To Be Refrigerated?

A: Only if you like it nice and cold! Designer Water is completely shelf-stable for up to three years (unlike other alkaline waters), so it’s fine to keep a stash in your cupboard or tucked in your desk drawer.

Q: How Does Heating Our Water Affect Its Alkalinity?

A: Heating up Designer Water is great to make hot teas, coffees or any other hot drinks. The heat doesn’t affect the alkalinity much.

Q: Why don’t pH strips work on Designer Water?

A: The pH strips (Litmus Paper) which are usually used to test the pH of urine or saliva cannot accurately test water as pure as Designer Water. In order to accurately test the pH level of Designer water, you should use a calibrated pH mete. Paper test kits usually require a Total Dissolved Solid (TDS) of at least 150ppm for an accurate reading; Designer Water consistently has less than 50ppm, due in part to the purified water used in our proprietary ionization process.

Q: Are Designer Water bottles recyclable?

A: Absolutely, and we wholeheartedly support the recycling of our bottles. We only use virgin material PET-1 bottle which is perfect for recycling. Designer Water bottles can be recycled at virtually any recycling facility in the South Africa. PET is BPA (bisphenol A) and phthalate FREE.

Q: What is the Designer Water Process?

A: The Designer Water process involves a 5-stage purification of potable tap water, followed by ionization. Physical micron filters remove suspended particles from the water supply. An activated carbon filtration system then removes organic chemicals, chlorine, chlorine by-products, pesticides, herbicides, as well as improving taste and odour. Our high-end Reverse osmosis (RO) system can remove over 99% of dissolved salts, organic contaminants, metals, heavy metals such as lead and arsenic, asbestos, many radionuclides, cysts, viruses and bacteria. Our super purified water is then infused with the perfect blend of pure alkaline minerals and electrolytes (potassium, magnesium, calcium and sodium) in trace amounts for taste. Finally, our proprietary ionization process supercharges the water, without adding bitter-tasting acidic ions, producing an ionized 10pH or higher, alkaline water with a clean, smooth, crisp taste.

Q: What does it mean when we say Designer Water is 99.99% pure?

A: Water purity is commonly defined by the amount of dissolved substances within it. Total dissolved solids (TDS) is the scientific term used to provide this measure and is expressed in units called ppm or “parts per million”. One ppm or milligram is the equivalent of a single milligram of substance in a liter (1,000,000 mg) of water. 100% pure water has a TDS (Total Dissolved Solids) level of 0 ppm. This does not mean that water with a TDS level of 0 is better than a water with some dissolved solids, it depends on what the solids that are dissolved within it and at what level. Designer Water removes dissolved and suspended impurities from water through a water purification procedure called reverse osmosis, which creates a water that is very close to 0 ppm. We then add trace amounts of beneficial minerals to enhance taste and create a water with less than 50 ppm dissolved solids. In percentage terms this results in a water that is over 99.99% pure.

Q: Does Designer Water contain fluoride or chlorine?

A: There is no fluoride or chlorine in Designer Water.

Q: How does Designer Water compare to in-home water treatment and filtration systems, such as below counter filters or water ionizers?

A: Designer Water provides superior water quality through our proprietary process of micro-filtration, reverse osmosis, ionization and ultraviolet light exposure which results in our clean, crisp, smooth-tasting water that is 99.99% pure. We ensure quality through our sophisticated and proprietary ISO 22000 manufacturing process.

Q: Will the high pH of Designer water be reduced by my stomach acid?

A: Firstly, some of the water will be absorbed before it even enters your stomach. Second, only a part of your stomach contains hydrochloric acid. Therefore, some of the water may pass through the stomach without being acidified. Also, your body does not produce stomach acid when drinking water. Third, several Japanese studies have shown a beneficial effect of alkaline water on gastrointestinal health, which infer that the water made has made it past the stomach. Fourth, when measuring urine pH many of our clients confirm that they can see the increase in urine pH to more alkaline when drinking Designer Water, high pH water.

Q: How do I know that Designer Water is safe to drink?

A: Designer Water is produced in our ISO certified facility, which ensures that the bottled water is safe from microbial contamination. This is done by maintaining the highest standards of cleanliness and compliance with internationally recognized quality control procedures throughout the entire production process. Also, just before the bottle is filled and capped, a trace amount of ozone gas (a form of oxygen) is used to give the water an extra level of microbiological safety. Over a short period of time it completely returns to simple oxygen in the bottle. Designer Water has also undergone rigorous shelf life testing and was found safe to drink 36 months after bottling.

Q: Is there a limit to how many bottles of Designer Water I can drink per day?

A: Designer Water can be consumed in place of all drinking water. The health community suggests drinking purified water amounting to 800ml for every 25kg. If you are exercising you can add 1 liter for every hour of exercise.

Q: Your Bought A Bottle And The Water “Tastes Like Plastic”. What Do You Do?

A: If the water tastes like plastic it could be that it was stored in a very hot place while it was shipped to your local retailer. It is possible for the PET plastic to change the taste; However, the bottles are BPA free and according to the health authorities, they are safe. However, we would not want to drink anything that doesn’t taste great either. Give us a call directly: +2787 550 1231 and give us the batch code on the bottles and we will replace your water and thank you for letting us know about the issue. We will follow up immediately to ensure the retailer or the freight company is more careful in storing our product in the future.