Cannabis Oil: What You Need to Know Before You Try It

cannabis oil
cannabis oil

Cannabis Oil: What You Need to Know Before You Try It

Cannabis oil – Just about everyone knows about the different uses of CBD and CBD oils right now, but do you know some of the more important features? Do you know what it really is or how it works? Well, we’re going to take a look at some more information about cannabis oil and some things that you may not have known before. These are things that anyone using these products should know, but you might not if you’re just getting started.

Will it get you high?

If you’re looking at CBD oil specifically rather than a full-spectrum product it’s not going to get you high. That’s because CBD does not have the capability to get you high. THC is the compound that provides different psychoactive symptoms and therefore it’s something to avoid if you want to keep away from those symptoms. There are some benefits associated with taking a product that does include THC, but keep in mind that if you’re taking something labeled as CBD you’re likely not getting any levels of THC and you are not going to experience the ‘high’ that you might have heard about.

Is CBD oil legal?

The truth is, CBD is somewhat regulated and somewhat not. So … it’s going to be a bit of a gray area for you to try. There was actually a farm bill a few years back that legalized hemp as well as products derived from hemp. Also, the DEA has determined that it is no longer a Schedule 1. Schedule 1 would mean that it’s a controlled substance with no medicinal or other value. We know that’s not true and now the DEA has agreed. On the other hand, the FDA has not legalized the product and so it’s not being fully regulated in supplement form.

The FDA is Investigating

The FDA isn’t quite sure what to think of CBD at this point but they are definitely looking into things. They’re starting to look at options for research into the potential benefits of CBD as a supplement and they’re looking at different forms of regulation. There’s no telling what they will decide going forward, but at this point it’s at least a step in the right direction and it might lead them to legalizing CBD in all of its forms in the future. At this point we’ll have to wait and see if they’re willing to clear up the gray area that’s currently been created.

It’s Not Hemp Oil

Hemp oil and cannabis oil are different products and they come from different parts of the plant. Hemp oil comes from seeds and it’s not going to give you any of the same benefits as you will get from the CBD oil. It doesn’t contain any of the same ingredients so it’s not able to do so. Cannabis oil is going to give you the health benefits that you’ve read about and associated with CBD. Make sure you’re looking at the right product before you buy.

It’s Extracted Through Heat or Solvent

These two methods are the only ones that are really being used to extract CBD from the plant. Plants are crushed together with their flowers, leaves, stalks and even roots and then one of these two methods is used to remove the part that you want. CO2 can be used as a solvent but so can things like ethanol, kerosene and butane. These can be more harmful in the long run to the plant and to end users of the product. Using steam to remove the oils is another more effective and safer way to go about it.

Is it safe?

As far as the FDA is concerned CBD and cannabis oil are still potentially dangerous. On the other hand, the World Health Organization has other opinions. They have specifically stated that this product is safe and that you can consume it without danger of addiction. This is one of the best aspects about using it for the treatment of even more serious medical conditions because it’s been shown to improve symptoms but it doesn’t cause addiction in the way that other medications could.

It Comes in Many Forms

There are several different ways that you can take CBD and that all depends on your personal preference. If you’re looking for a cream or a candy you can find it. If you want a powder or a pill that’s available to. In fact, just about any way that you could think of you’ll be able to find CBD. That makes it more convenient for those who do want to try it out because you can choose something you’re more comfortable with and start from there.

It Comes in Different Levels

You also get to choose what type of CBD you’re actually getting. If you want just the CBD you’re getting something called an isolate. This is 99% pure CBD and it offers you the health benefits associated with this compound. Broad-spectrum means that you’re getting all of the compounds except THC in whatever you’re taking and this can give you even more health benefits because it compounds all of the different components of the plant. Finally, full-spectrum gives you all of the compounds including the THC. This is going to be the strongest and most effective form because it gives you all of the benefits through the entourage effect. CBD extract is a weak form of the product that uses CBD isolate and mixes it with other oils and products to get a diluted but inexpensive version.

You May See Health Benefits

If you’ve been doing any form of research into CBD and the ways that it’s used you may already know about a number of the different health benefits that have been discussed and studied. Research is still ongoing at this point but it seems to show promise in things like epilepsy, pain relief, arthritis, sleeping problems, nausea and a whole lot more. There are plenty of people currently taking this product and continuing to see benefits. At this point we still don’t know what that is going to mean for the future.

You Should Buy From a Reputable Provider

Always make sure you know who you’re buying this product from. You want to know that you’re getting the form that you’ve requested and you definitely want to know about the purity levels that you’re getting. If you buy a CBD isolate you want to know that’s what you have. If you need a broad-spectrum product because you can’t have THC then you need to be able to trust the company you’re buying from to give you that product. Also, you want to know that you’re getting the level of CBD you’re paying for, which is even more important if you decide to go with an extract.

Can you use CBD oil for pets?

Yes, people are actually giving CBD in many different forms to their animals. It seems that there have been plenty of studies and experiences where people have given their pets CBD and seen immense improvements. Though research is still ongoing, it seems that this product might be as effective in pets as it is in humans and for many of the same conditions like anxiety and pain. There’s still a lot to be considered and you should be very careful about giving this product to your pets, but it’s something to think about as well.

It May Be Restricted in Your Area

Just because CBD has been approved in some ways doesn’t mean that cities aren’t going to start looking at ways to restrict it. No matter where you live, make sure you’re looking into the rules and regulations surrounding your area and CBD. You want to know that you’re not going to get in trouble for using this cannabis oil, however you choose to use it. By paying attention to what the regulations are in your area you should be able to keep yourself safe and refrain from being pursued by any legal authority.

It Comes in Cosmetics

You can actually get CBD cosmetics as well as many of the other products you might have found already. More and more companies are starting to get into the craze of cannabis oil and that means they’re putting it in everything.  Putting it in cosmetics may seem strange, but it can actually help your health in many different ways.

Some Restaurants Are Trying to Use it

The FDA has not approved cannabis oil for human consumption, which means that they are definitely saying no to any restaurant putting it into food and drinks, but that doesn’t mean restaurants aren’t trying. Some are looking at opening up cafes and bars and more that will serve products with this type of oil already in them. It’s part of the flavoring and part of the benefits of eating there. But these places are still on the no list according to the FDA so it’s hard to say when or if they’ll eventually be legal.

It Works Best in Full-Spectrum

If you’re looking to get the full benefits of CBD you should be looking at full-spectrum products or those that are made with full-spectrum oils. These are the ones that are going to give you the entourage effect  from the different chemical compounds that naturally occur in the hemp plant. If you’re experiencing any of the health problems that CBD is believed to treat you could see better effects by working with a full-spectrum product than with anything less.

You Can Skip the THC

If you’re concerned about THC for any reason you don’t have to get a product that contains it. Rather, you can choose to get a broad-spectrum or isolate that skips the THC entirely. This is important if you have a job that does drug testing or if you’re in a profession that requires you to be completely aware and focused at all times including jobs that are around children or involve driving or machines. Broad-spectrum CBD gives you the same benefits as full-spectrum without the psychoactive effect.

Can children use CBD?

It’s important to be very careful about using CBD and cannabis oil products for children. There are a lot of gray areas here (more so than with use for adults) and you’ll want to check the rules and regulations in your area about this. Still, it does seem to show promise for children with cancer and those who are suffering from epilepsy and seizures. There are a number of things to consider and to pay close attention to before using this for your children and it’s best to avoid THC entirely where children are concerned unless you discuss it with a medical professional.

When it comes to finding the right products for you and deciding if you want to use CBD or not, these tips and tricks should help you out. They’re going to give you a little more background on just what cannabis oil is and how it’s going to work for you. Maybe you’ve never tried it before or maybe you’re just interested in finding out more. Either way, you should have a better understanding of just what you’re getting into and maybe we’ve cleared up some of the misconceptions surrounding cannabis oil and CBD products.

Take a look here and then make your own decision about whether this type of oil or any other CBD products might be a good idea for you and whatever you might be experiencing. There’s a lot that many people don’t know about these products, but you can absolutely educate yourself and make a decision that’s going to keep you healthier along the way.

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