Chanson Water Ionizer Customer Testimonial – Joyce


Hi John

Just to let you know that since installing my Chanson Water Ionizer, my domestic help, Joyce, has also been drinking the alkaline water, and she doesn’t drink very much of it, she still has to learn to drink more water.  Nevertheless, she’s been drinking the water for about 3 weeks now and she told me yesterday that she used to hobble around in the morning when she got out of bed due to pain in her one foot – acid, no doubt.  The foot that gave her all the trouble is now fine and she can get up and move around normally without any pain.  She is delighted and amazed, to say the least, and she keep repeating that she cannot believe that it is just from this water.  She takes a 500ml bottle of water home everyday to drink in the evenings.

A wonderful testimony for Chanson’s alkaline water!

Kind Regards

A. Van Der Bijl


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