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We make supercharged alkaline ionized water that’s clinically shown to hydrate better, so that you can be your best every day. Plus, our proprietary process turns regular water, into super-hydrating, 99.99% extra pure, great tasting Designer Water, that you will love to drink every day.

Also, we believe we make the healthiest water you can drink and our customers agree. Read our testimonials page to see what it can do for you.

designer water alkaline ionized water

Why do we say Designer Water is the king of alkaline water?

If you go to google, type in king of alkaline water South Africa and see who comes up.

Have you tried Designer Water yet? Our ISO 22000 certified proudly South African production facility makes ultra pure 99.995% extra hydrating,super charged alkaline ionized water.

Water is the second most important thing you need in life next to oxygen.

Water isn’t water anymore and your body deserves great water.

As you know technology improves every day and so has water technology.

Designer water has spent the last 7 years researching and developing what we feel is the best water money can buy and it will be available in an area near you soon so you can also enjoy the benefits.

The thing we love the most about our water is how it helps you, some of the reasons are;
1. It tastes amazing so you and your family will want to drink it
2. Our customers say it helps give them energy and helps them feel good
3. Our stable high ph water is filled with #antioxidants that are thought to help prevent free radical damage and that’s anti-aging
4. It’s safe and beneficial to the whole family even your pets

There are many more reasons but we know you’re busy so we just shared our favorite ones with you for now.

You can learn more about what our customers say here >>>

Oh and 2 other things that make us different is we are giving back to our community by;
1. Training entrepreneurs and helping ordinary South Africans to make more income and empower themselves
2. We teach our entrepreneurs how to recycle and we even encourage them to recycle other all other companies plastic as well

Learn more about our training program here >>>

Would you like to support and empower a local Entrepeneur in your area? Please click here >>>

Hopefully you’ll try us out soon and experience what all the fuss is about.


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