Designer Water the Alkaline Water and Water Ionizer Authority

We are a visionary and innovative company that focuses on health and wellness products. Our core products are based around water, specifically Alkaline Water produced by a water ionizer. We are the exclusive distributor of the Chanson Water product range in South Africa.

We specialize in helping our customers improve their quality of life. What makes us unique is that our entire product line either directly improves or supports living a life that is illness and disease free. Our philosophy is simple. If the products don't promote health, we don't stock them. We consider our customers health as important as the members of our own family.

Want to know why you shouldn't drink Purified Water (Reverse Osmosis) or Distilled Water?

Designer Water is looking for resellers and distributors of our incredible technologies across africa and south africa.

Desginer Water, Alkaline Water is grouped together in water molecules smaller than those found in tap or bottled water.

Designer Water, Alkaline Water is “micro-clustered”, meaning it will be more quickly and easily absorbed, and will hydrate cells in the body more effectively.

Designer Water, Ionized Alkaline Water is ionized; it will not leach out valuable minerals like calcium, magnesium, and potassium.

Designer Water, Ionized Alkaline Water is a natural anti-oxidant that is packed with electrolytes to offer unmatched hydration.



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