Discovering the real truth about water

Discovering the real truth about water

At Designer Water we are Discovering the real truth about water

You’ve already heard that drinking lots of water is an essential component to losing weight, living healthy and staying properly hydrated. But the media hasn’t even come close to emphasising the importance of water. The minerals contained in drinking water have so much to do with your health and neglecting this fact has had dire consequences on many.

Discovering the real truth about water

The problem with the water you drink

The world has no shortage of water companies out there. Various types of bottled water and filters can be bought almost anywhere you do your shopping. While these companies are supplying water that’s arguably purer than tap water, much of it contains none of the essential minerals water is supposed to possess.

But it gets worse! Water without minerals is actually so much worse than tap water. Why? Because water that’s depleted of minerals will actually draw existing minerals from your body when it hits your stomach1. So instead of performing any service to your body, you’re causing damage—often irreversible damage.

The importance of real minerals in water

You’ll be surprised to learn how many of today’s illnesses are related to mineral deficiency. Not only has our mass-produced food lost a lot of its nutritional value, but our water is almost void of what your body needs. Much of the water you can purchase is either oxidised or acidic. Worse, it’s been through reverse osmosis which takes out all of its nutritional value2.

The importance of mineral-rich water is a matter of life and death. Drinking water that takes away rather than contributes to your body will eventually have devastating effects on your health3. Ailments that have been associated with a mineral deficient lifestyle include:

  • High cholesterol
  • Blood sugar problems
  • High blood pressure
  • Kidney stones
  • Digestion issues
  • Weak bones and joints
  • Cancer

To list all of the ailments would simply take up too much time and space.

Where can you find decent drinking water?

What exactly constitutes decent drinking water then? The answer is simple and has been researched, analysed and irrefutably proven4. The answer to our water epidemic is alkaline water. This is water that’s been perfectly balanced with everything your body needs to fight off disease5, keep you hydrated and maintain your general wellbeing.

Designer Water distributes real water in the form that nature intended. Millions of people are returning back to the old fashioned way of eating, so why should your drinking water be any different? Drink alkaline water and see the difference in your energy levels within a matter of days!

There’s a lot to be learnt about the benefits of real water and the disadvantages of not having this water as a regular part of your daily intake. By reading this article, you’ve taken an important step in educating yourself about the importance of water. Contact Designer Water for more information or to order your first consignment of this amazing, life-changing product.   

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