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About us

About us

Learn more about Designer Water South Africa and what makes our Alkaline Water pH10 so amazing. We believe its the ideal hydration partner for your daily needs.

why you need Designer water

While alkaline water, which has a higher pH than tap water, has long been regarded as a “miracle of nature” in holistic med- icine, it is now being researched – and the initial results are astonishing. Founder and Managing Director of Designer Water, John Thompson confirms that, while water is the essence of life, alkaline water provides the full spectrum of water’s life-en- hancing qualities.
For anyone struggling with low energy levels and frequent illness, alkaline water may be the answer. The alkaline, ionized water made by Designer Water may help to increase energy levels and prevent certain lifestyle illnesses. Many Designer Water clients report a better overall quality of health and a feeling of improved wellness.
About Us
About Us

about us


A true alkaline water product will have the following features:

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Scientific studies, other observations and anecdotal evidence show that alkaline water may offer the following benefits;
About Us


In addition to Alkaline Water, Designer Water offers the following associated brands:

Chanson Water

Since 1979, Chanson Water Co has delivered total water solutions to families and households. From design to assembly and manufacturing; Chanson handles it all. The water ionizers and filtration systems are the product of innovation. Users benefit from the latest water technologies.

HM Digital

HM Digital is a global leader in testing instruments. Since 1987, the superior digital testing tools have been manufactured in Korea and imported from the United States.


The QLife hydrogen water, portable water ionizer is ideal for enjoying healthy H2 water anytime, any- where. The Q-Cup is built with the latest SPE/PEM electrode technology, infusing your drinking water with the perfect combination of molecular hydrogen and antioxidants.

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