john thompson


John Thompson's outstanding leadership skills and exceptional business acumen have made him an exceptional entrepreneur.

As the founder of Designer Water, he has shown immense dedication and passion towards the growth of the company. His drive to continually innovate and create new products has undoubtedly made a great difference in his company's overall success.

Thompson's excellent leadership qualities have not gone unnoticed, as he has consistently fostered a positive work environment and helped his team succeed.

He consistently seeks ways to improve his company and utilizes his profound knowledge of business and sales to achieve his goals. His unwavering commitment to his work and his ability to think creatively and critically have made him a highly successful businessperson.

As an inspiration to all aspiring entrepreneurs, Thompson serves as a shining example of what it takes to excel in the business world.


Back in 2010, Thompson had the opportunity to listen to the great Tony Robbins. Throughout the event, Robbins talked about the wonderful benefits of consuming alkaline water, which caught Thompson's attention. Having spent four years in constant illness, Thompson was trapped in a medical nightmare with huge bills. It was during these tough times that he decided to give alkaline water a go. And surprise, surprise – the results were truly amazing.

The quality of Thompson's life rapidly improved after he started consuming alkaline, hydrogen-rich water. Thrilled by the transformative results, Thompson felt inspired to create Designer Water. He wanted his own financial freedom but also an opportunity to educate others about their healthy choices so that they, too, can live their life to the fullest. Today, Designer Water is a thriving business that is making a remarkable impact on the communities it serves by promoting wellness.


John Thompson recognizes that as a business owner, he bears full responsibility for the success and wellbeing of the entire organization. In order to ensure that he can meet this challenge, Mr. Thompson has taken steps to build a team of highly skilled professionals who are not only reliable, but also passionate about providing the best possible service to customers.

Mr. Thompson is committed to developing and empowering his employees, recognizing that each person has unique strengths and talents that can be harnessed for the benefit of the company as a whole. By placing the right people in the right positions, Mr. Thompson ensures that everyone is working together effectively to provide value to customers at every stage of the value chain.

Overall, Mr. Thompson's approach to leadership is characterized by a deep sense of accountability, a commitment to excellence, and a keen awareness of the importance of empowering and developing his team.


Mr. Thompson has an exceptional talent when it comes to spotting promising possibilities and acting upon them to successfully accomplish his long-term objectives. Guided by his expertise, drive, and determination, the company Designer Water has been consistently advancing in its efforts to become the foremost provider of alkaline water throughout the continent.

With his tactful decision-making skills and keen sense of business acumen, Mr. Thompson is paving the way for Designer Water, managing to position it as the number one brand for premium water products in the industry.

As a result of its tremendous success and widespread recognition, Designer Water is poised to venture into several international markets, further expanding its reach and ensuring that its high-quality products continue to remain accessible to customers far and wide.


John Thompson's wise perception is a reflection of tremendous fortitude and resilience. He sets his standards high and is committed to a life of success on his own terms. Although it can be challenging to maintain such a high level of success, John bravely faces the pressure by taking it head on.

He never backs down from a challenge and always strives to seek out solutions to any and all obstacles. John's success is a direct product of his hard work, dedication, and perseverance. Almost like a wise philosopher, he lives by his personal statement, “When your actions are greater than your excuses, nothing and no one will stand in your way," which is a testament to his deep-rooted belief in himself and his unwavering commitment to achieve his goals.

Above all, he approaches his success journey with humility and learns from his coaches and mentors, reminding us all that we can always benefit from the advice and guidance of those who have traveled the same path as us.


Thompson is a hardworking individual who takes his work responsibilities very seriously. He knows that his position requires him to invest a considerable amount of time and effort into completing various tasks, which often extend beyond the confines of the workplace into his personal life.

Despite this, Thompson has developed a unique approach to managing this balance that works incredibly well for him. He places great emphasis on prioritizing self-care, regularly engaging in activities that help him achieve balance. These include scheduling time for meditation, indulging in occasional spa visits, and making an effort to spend quality time with people he cares about.

By carving out this time, Thompson ensures he is always in the best mental and physical state to meet the demands of his job, including innovating, strategizing, and driving the growth of the organization he represents.