How can Alkaline Water Benefit Cancer Sufferers

There is a lot of research that shows that alkaline water that is hydrogen-enriched , like the water produced by Designer Water and Chanson Water Ionizers may be a potential tool in the cancer sufferer’s arsenal to help them overcome this dreaded disease. New and frightening statistics shows that 1 in 2 people may develop cancer in their lifetimes.

Depending on whom you talk to in the traditional medical field or alternative health you may have heard of the following two theories; that cancer is caused by an acidic lifestyle or oxidative stress (free radical damage / inflammation). The truth is no one really knows but there a 1000’s of people that get results by applying the treatment protocols suggested by these two theories.

What makes our Alkaline Water different from regular water?

1. It is alkalizing; our water has a much higher pH (at 9.5) than regular water (pH 4 – 7 ). It is high in alkalizing minerals and bicarbonates, where traditional water usually has these properties removed.
2. It is an anti-oxidant or anti-inflammatory agent; it has the ability to reduce free radicals that destroy and damage your body.
3. Superior hydration; it is suggested that water that has gone through electrolysis, has a much lower surface tension and  therefore the ability to penetrate the body’s cells far better than regular water.

Alkaline Water and Cancer Research

The research, although conducted mostly on animals, shows great promise.
The findings of the research on alkaline water and its benefits  can be summarised  as follows;
1. Shortens the telomere length of cancer cell
2. Has an anti-inflammatory and anti-allergic effect and may improve mitochondrial disorders,
3. Has an anti-diabetic and anti-cancer effect. Showed tumour growth delay, increased lifespan, inhibited metastases, optimised immune response (immunomodulation)
4. Inhibits  Leukaemia cells (HL60) in combination with  Glutathione
5. May be a new potential antioxidant against carcinogenesis
6. Suppresses growth of cancer cells, has a weak microbicidal effect and may prevent food rot or improve intestinal micro flora to prevent abnormal fermentation

But did you know that in 1926, Dr. Otto Warburg of the Kaiser Institute in Berlin, received two Novel Prizes in Medicine and was nominated for a third, for his discovery of the cause of cancer?

His findings: Cells that lack oxygen or have a low alkaline pH acidify.

Up until now health authorities has stated that the cause of cancer is unknown and remains a mystery.

It has been well established, researched and documented - No disease can exist in an alkaline environment! All illnesses share one common cause - too much acid waste in the body. This is no mystery, but a valid fact - Healthy people have alkaline body systems.

Introduction to the pH Miracle for Cancer – by Dr. Robert Young

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How can Alkaline Water Benefit Cancer Sufferers

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