Is managing body pH the missing link to having optimal health?

Short Introduction To Body pH

“The doctor of the future will no longer treat the human frame with drugs but rather will cure and prevent disease with NUTRITION.” – Thomas EdisonThomas Edison, Health Quote

What I find amazing is that this quote was made almost two hundred years ago, some may say that Thomas Edison was crazy or perhaps he was way ahead of his time. Time will tell.

I was recently listening to the Cure to Cancer Summit interview recordings and even though there were 22 different health professionals that focussed on curing and treating cancer, they all said pretty much the same thing. That was that cancer and all disease is related to emotional stress, toxins in the body and dietary challenges usually related to an over-indulgence in acid-forming foods.

At Designer Water we focus on removing toxins from the body and providing education on the kinds of foods and drink that create balance or homeostasis which will ultimately lead to living a life that is illness and disease free.

acid and alkaline body ph chart


If I look at my medical history and my 6 year battle with chronic sinusitis and almost R100 000 in medical bills and more cortisone, antibiotics and nasal sprays than I care to remember I truly wish I had access to the information I have now back then. I have been symptom and medication free for almost a year now so I can tell you that my quality of life has drastically improved.

Not only that, but I just don’t get sick any more, I have lost at least 15kg and my energy levels are through the roof. I owe this to the benefits I receive by having a physical body that is balanced so my immune system is stronger than it has been in the last decade of my life.

If you would like support on how to achieve this and start living a life that is truly illness and disease free, please feel free to contact me for no strings or cost attached information on how to achieve acid-alkaline balance. If you have tried everything else and you're just not sure what else to do, maybe the simplest answer is right before you. Try managing your body ph and experience the results for yourself.


How To Measure Body pH

The simplest, most cost effective and easiest way to get an idea of body pH is to use ph Strips and to measure Urine and Saliva