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Founder & CEO Designer Water

With a tangible entrepreneurial passion, John Thompson drives Designer Water to exponential growth. As the Founder and CEO of this innovative business, Thompson seeks constant transformation, leading to continuous improvement. He draws on his corporate experience, having run one of the largest software distribution sales teams in the southern hemisphere, managing just over a billion Rand in sales.

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Why Did John Thompson Start Designer Water?

After hearing Tony Robbins speak about the benefits of alkaline water in 2010, Thompson realised that this product could be beneficial to his own health. Having faced four years of constant illness, sky-high medical bills, and innumerable courses of antibiotics, Thompson took a leap of faith and tried alkaline, hydrogen rich water – and the results astonished him.

With this positive impact on his own quality of life, Designer Water was established. The business met Thompson’s desire to create his own path to financial freedom, while making a marked impact on the communities around him. The result? A thriving business that promotes wellness, while educating the world about healthier choices.

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Facing 100% accountability for the entire business, John Thompson has employed a team of reliable, skilled people. He is passionate about developing staff and putting the right person in the right position. This ensures the team delivers customer value throughout the total value chain.

Professional Goals

Thompson is adept at identifying opportunities and taking the necessary action to achieve strategic goals. He is propelling Designer Water forward, to establish it as the largest alkaline water supplier on the continent. Recognised as the number one brand in the premium water category, Designer Water will soon move into international markets.

Passion and Pressure

With success comes pressure. John Thompson manages this pressure by facing it head on. As he aspires to live a unique life, he immediately seeks solutions to all challenges. He maintains his motivation through coaching, learning from his mentor JT Foxx. He lives according to his personal mantra – “When your actions are greater than your excuses, nothing and no one will stand in your way”.

After Hours

Although his position often demands that he take work home, Thompson finely tunes a work-life balance. By focusing on meditation, spa visits, and spending quality time with family and friends, he recharges. With a renewed mind and a healthy body, Thompson is ready to continue innovating, doing deals, and garnering growth.

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Success By Design: Designer Water “Embodies Alkaline Water Benefits”, Experts Say


CENTURION, SOUTH AFRICA, May 7th, 2018 – While high PH alkaline water has long been regarded as a “miracle of nature” by those well-versed in holistic medicine, it’s been only recently that it’s become the subject of extensive scientific research. One prime example that is packed with “vitamins, bioavailable minerals, antioxidants, and incredible healing properties” is Designer Water, the high alkaline pH bottled water produced using the best available filtering methods in Centurion, South Africa.

“Water is the essence of life – but I dare say that this phrase should be more specific. High pH alkaline water is what provides the full spectrum of water’s life-enhancing qualities. Our micro-clustering technology ensures that each and every bottle we produce contains the highest quality high pH alkaline water, meaning its nutritional profile and amazing properties remain intact” said Mr. John Thompson, Founder and Managing Director, Designer Water.

High pH alkaline water benefits have not gone unnoticed by celebrities, either. Mark Wahlberg, Hollywood’s highest paid actor, sat down with Mr. Thompson in December 2017 to discuss how alkaline water changed his life, and how he decided to make selling it one of his many business ventures.

However, Mr. Thompson was quick to note that high pH alkaline water’s popularity has transcended the realm of exclusivity, seeing as people of all walks of life have come to embrace it as an inextricable part of their lifestyle.

“We’ve received emails and video testimonials from people from all around the world who rave about the transformative ways with which high pH alkaline water has improved their health and overall wellbeing. Whether they were looking to increase their mental clarity and focus or address the symptoms of various health conditions impacting their quality of life, our customers have stated, time and again, that they will be consuming Designer Water for life.”

In addition to bottled high pH alkaline water, Designer Water further offers alkaline water products, alkaline water machines and water ionizers through its e-Shop.

Those wishing to find out more about Designer Water products and its franchise opportunities can do so by visiting the company’s website.