How To Lose Weight With Alkaline Water

Why do people gain weight? The simple answer is that they overeat. So the next question to ask is why do people eat too much? It may be down to the simple fact that as we age our ability to discern between hunger and thirst diminishes. That’s why you reach for a snack when you should actually be reaching for something to quench your thirst.

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You may not feel thirsty, but you are actually dehydrated. So to lose weight it may be that all you have to do is increase your fluid intake. But, you also have to watch what you drink. Coffee is a diuretic and likely to make you even more dehydrated. Carbonated drinks are loaded with sugar and even wine is high in calories. It’s obvious that if you’re trying to lose weight, it’s best to opt for water.

But while plain tap water doesn’t have any calories, it’s not the best water you can drink. Alkaline water provides two important benefits for anyone trying to lose weight, and the effects have been proven.

  1. Alkaline water is better at hydrating you

Yes, it’s true! Alkaline water provides the body with superior hydration due the change it undergoes in its molecular structure. It’s referred to as ‘micro-clustering’ and it simply means that water molecule cluster becomes smaller. This allows it to enter cell walls and get to areas where larger molecules of regular tap water cannot penetrate. If you consider that dehydration is often a trigger for overeating, it makes sense that being hydrated can void that trigger.

Students at Montana State University participated in a study involving the effects of alkaline water on hydration and the results were positive. One student noted after the study that while she was drinking alkaline water she reduced her water intake. The hydration levels of the students participating in the study were analysed and supported the hypothesis that alkaline water does have a positive effect on hydration.

  1. Alkaline water neutralises acid in the body

You may be wondering why this is important for weight loss. Research by Dr Soma Berkemeyer shows a clear link between blood pH and weight. Your body has a number of natural processes to regulate your blood pH. But, when you consume acid foods (as most junks foods are) you make it difficult for your body to maintain a balance. The result is that the acid you cannot naturally excrete is taken up and stored in your fat cells.

There, it disrupts your metabolism which makes it difficult for you to maintain a healthy weight. But alkaline water has the ability to regulate pH levels in your body. When your pH levels are properly balanced, your body is better able to neutralize and remove acids from the food you eat.

There’s no doubt that increasing your intake of healthy foods will make a difference to your waistline. But adding alkaline water to your diet will help you achieve your weight loss goals with less effort and in less time. It’s a small change that can make a significant difference.