Micro Clustered Water Explained, How Can It Benefit You?

What is Micro clustered water?

Water coming from a Chanson Ionizer was tested at the prestigious Tsinghua University (Taiwan) and found to measure 47.82 Hz which happens to be the smallest cluster of H2O molecules ever tested and verified by a 3rd party. This kind of water has the following characteristics; high-reduction power or (Negative ORP) which has a higher molecular oxygen content (Alkaline). This can be tested with an ORP Meter. In Taiwan and the rest of the world, it is used to improve health because of its micro-clustering ability (better hydration) and antioxidant value.

These new advances in chemistry and physics now prove that all water isn’t created equally!

Researchers use NMR (Nuclear Magnetic Resonance) to look for the molecular size of the water. This is one of the only known ways that you can prove and verify the molecular size.

How does this micro clustered water test work?

NMR relaxation time reflects the rate of molecular rotation (the length of time it requires for the molecule to go back to its original position after magnetic alignment).

The greater the molecular structure or water cluster the more time they need to realign themselves. The below outcomes are an evaluation of molecular size, based on NMR testing. The greater the number, the broader the line width, the larger the molecule.

In Dr. Jhon’s book, The Water Puzzle and the Hexagonal Key, his research indicates that ordinary tap water carries a line width which is between 100 to 150 Hz. This suggests the fact that water is actually in a disorganized state and possesses a cluster size of 12 to 13 H2O molecules per cluster. Ionized water has proven to acquire a line width which is between 60 – 80 Hz. In accordance with the research from the Tsinghua University of Taiwan (3rd party independently lab tested) water produced by a Chanson Water Ionizer produced an exceptionally small line width of 47.82 Hz.

The below table illustrates the different line widths of several different kinds of water. The smaller the line width, the smaller its cluster. These smaller clusters have got a greater potential to penetrating the cell membrane and improving hydration. You’ll find virtually no water ionizer companies on the market who have any solid scientific evidence backing proving the fact that water that is generated by their ionizers is micro-clustered. This is exactly why water produced by a Chanson Water Ionizer is generally known as “wetter water”.

Micro Clustered Water Test

This Micro Clustered Water test was done by the Tsinghua University in Taiwan (Chanson Water Ionizers were used in- Miracle Max 7 Plate)

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Micro Clustered Water Explained, How Can It Benefit You?

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