Branded Water

Branded Water by Designer Water, comes in BPA Free bottles, high quality full colour printing, lots of different options with custom branding for your own branded water bottles.

We use a customised process which our Founder (John Thompson) developed over the last 6 years. It starts with super clean water, then we take it through our secret recipe ionization and re-mineralization process that produces practically perfect water with a high alkaline pH, that is a natural antioxidant, which helps to reduce inflammation and hydrates at least 17% better than regular water. Some experts claim 6 times more hydrating.

The water has a unique, soft, sweet and refreshing taste. Because of its great taste it also makes you want to drink more.

We often warn new customers that they will get addicted to the way it makes them feel.

Due to our process it replicates natural healing waters from areas like Nordenau in Germany and Lourdes in France.

We take pride in producing export quality water as we have now been recommended by DQS for ISO 22000:2005 certification. I have attached a booklet we wrote a few years ago about our water and how it works.

We have quality reports from various independent labs and the SABS. We are also completing accelerated shelf life testing to ensure our product keeps its integrity 24 months later.

All our water has traceability from the bottle, to the batch to the cap. All our water is tested hourly and by batch to ensure consistency and quality.

Here is a video of our CEO interviewing super star Mark Wahlberg at Mega success in Los Angeles in 2017 about the benefits of drinking high pH Alkaline Water.

Here is a video testimonial PJ powers gave us recently.