Chanson Water Ionizer Filter Replacement



Chanson Water Ionizer Filter Replacement – PJ6000

The PJ-6000 is the standard replacement filter for the Chanson Miracle, Eden, Miracle Max, Revolution, Miracle Max Royale and VS-70 water ionizers.

This filter is superior to other ioniser filters on the market as it is a wet-molded product made from activated carbon and synthetic fiber. It is an anti-bacterial filter with silver-impregnated activated carbon.

It eliminates lead and heavy metal in the old plumbing, has got a very high chlorine reduction and a high chemical absorptive capacity.

The advantages of the PJ-6000 Chanson Water Ionizer replacement filter are as follows:

  • Removing lead ions it’s able to eliminate lead and heavy metal in the old plumbing.
  • Chanson replacement filters¬†absorption volume ability is 20 times than activated carbon
  • Absorption area ability is 150 times than activated carbon
  • Absorption speed is 10 times than activated carbon
  • High chlorine reduction
  • Low pressure drop
  • High chemical adsorptive capacity
  • Anti-bacterial filter with silver-impregnated activated carbon
  • Coconut shell activated carbon

The PJ – 6000 is formed acid washed coconut shell activated carbon and is molded together with synthetic fabric binder via a wet production method.

Absorption capacity is therefore unaffected by its molding system because the surface of activated carbon is not hindered by a blinder.

As a result the PJ-6000 can maintain high levels of chlorine reduction and high levels of chemical adsorptive capacity.

The PJ-6000 filter in particular has very high chlorine reduction capacity because of the usage of highly absorptive activated carbon.

Chanson Water Ionizer Replacement Filter PJ6000



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