Designer Water Alkaline Water Bar


1. Patented catalyst method that generates high quality alkaline antioxidant water without the need for electricity.
2. Convenient and stylish design, suitable for use in office or outdoor when power supply may not be available.
3. Made of Surgical titanium case, no oxidation, discoloration or rusting over long term use.
4. Korea FDA certified for safety and efficacy – produce alkaline water to have positive effect in indigestion, abnormal fermentation in the intestines, chronic diarrhoea and excessive acids in the stomach.
5. High capacity, can be used to process up to 700 litres of water or 1 year.


Designer Water Alkaline Water Bar

Turn ordinary drinking water into alkaline antioxidant water in just 10-15 minutes. Built on 30 years of science for the health of mankind, the Designer Water Alkaline Water Bar is made with the finest quality, designed specifically for both superior performance and convenience for customers on the go.

You can now enjoy alkaline antioxidant water anytime, anywhere. It takes only 10-15 minutes to turn ordinary drinking water into water for better health!

How to Use the Designer Water Alkaline Water Bar;

1. To start, dissolve a teaspoon of citrus salt provided (or white vinegar) in a glass of water and let the Designer Water Alkaline Water Bar to sit for 10-15 mins. Remove the bar and rinse thoroughly. You may wish to clean the bars regularly once a month.

2. To alkalize your drinking water, place the Designer Water Alkaline Water Bar in a glass or pitcher of water and let it sit for 10-15 mins. Remove the bar and begin to enjoy the goodness of alkaline water with rich antioxidants.

3. Do not use water with temperatures over 65oC.

4. When not in use, keep Designer Water Alkaline Water Bar in the fridge within the case provided.


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