pH Strips Range: 1 – 14 pH

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pH strips for measuring the pH of urine, saliva, food or beverages.  Results within 15 seconds. Safe for internal use.

pH Strips Features;

  • Super sensitive and accurate
  • Wide range of 1 – 14 pH
  • 15 second results
  • 1 pH increments
  • Easier to read than pH paper
  • No bleeding, no mess
  • Economical
  • Tests urine or saliva
  • NOW 100 sticks per barrel


pH Strips

How do you use a pH strip?

Use a fresh strip for each test. Submerge the strip in the solution and wait 15 seconds. Observe the colour produced and match it with the different colour shades of the standard colour pH chart.

How do I test body pH?

Just order a box of pH strips on this page. You can test your pH levels often throughout the day, but try to do so at the same time each morning, as your body will be more acidic the earlier you measure. The goal is to get your morning urine pH between 6.5 and 7.5.

So why test with pH strips?

  • Special indicator dyes do not allow bleeding
  • Get quick and accurate results from pH 4.5 – 9
  • Results in 3 to 5 seconds
  • Dye is covalently bound to the reagent paper
  • Can be used in weakly buffered/weakly coloured solutions
  • These sticks won’t bleed like litmus paper and results can been seen in only 15 seconds:
  • Non-bleeding pH colour strips

How to use our pH strips

  • Simply immerse the strip in the test solution until colour development is complete.
  •  Then compare the developed colour to the sequence chart on the package, and read the pH.
  •  The range covered by each type of strip is divided into graduations.
  •  Each package contains 100 strips in a sealed barrel.

pH Strips Range: 1 - 14 pH

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