The Waterpreneur Program, Become A Reseller Or Distributor Today


The Waterpreneur Program Is A Business In A Box That Helps You Start Your Own Business Today

3 Options When You Want To Join:

  1. Wholesaler – Minimum investment R336. Gives you a 30% Discount
  2. Waterpreneur (Most Popular Option). Cost R995 and gives you stock (worth R1200), more than 20 products to sell (with a 40% profit margin), a training program with certification that helps you improve your sales, business, and marketing, marketing library with images and videos, discounted marketing collateral and more.
  3. Master distributor. The minimum investment is R72000, it’s our flagship product and gives you your own area. 

For both the wholesaler and waterpreneur program you collect your stock from your closest master distributor. (we now have more than 95 areas.  To see our master distributors click here.



About The Rapid Success Accelerator Program


We have helped 100's of people just like you increase their health, wealth, love and happiness and we want to help you too!


We've put together the most comprehensive video course and business program to help you build a business and boost your income. It contains the exact methods that have been tried and tested and that work.

Rapid success accelerator program Student Testimonials


Meet Gina Gabriel from Durban:

I'm a remedial therapist. I provide rehabilitation to people living with disabilities. Such, spinal injuries, stroke, arthritis, etc. I also provide sports massage and many other forms of massage.

I joined Designer Water because my husband was very ill after his stroke. He struggled with almost permanent constipation and reflux. Someone told me about Alkaline Ionized water. I purchased my combo of 5 cases. I saw immediate results on my husband. I knew that this was a great product for me to introduce to my friends, patients, athletes, etc. I need extra money as well. Perfect combination.
What I love about this business, is My most favorite reason is that I don't have to worry about administration, marketing, the product is of high quality. I have great support from the team. Absolutely easy to just put it in my car and go sell it. The product is suitable for everyone anyone and it's affordable. You need very little start-up capital to do the business.
What I am hoping to achieve with the business, is that my long-term goal is to help 1 person a month to become a Waterpreneur as well so that they do can make money. To buy me a bakkie. To become a full-time Master Distributor.
Contact Gina - (083) 993-9437

Meet Zwelethu Dzimba from Johannesburg:

I'm an individual that enjoys sharing and giving off my time, knowledge, and experiences with others. I enjoy the outdoors and learning about how the planet operates and us in it too. I enjoy venturing out and learning new skills just so that I know for myself how things are done. I'm just a peaceful person who appreciates life.

I decided to join Designer Water because I was not a fan of water especially our tap water and I was not particularly living healthy and want to change. When I saw about the Waterpreneur program I signed up and went for the course. I was inspired by how pure good water changes one man's life.
Because I wasn't a healthy individual and didn't like drinking water somehow when I drank my first 5 cases of Designer Water my life changed. My thinking, my health, my energies, actually most things I found wrong about my health physically and mentally changed.
I made my decision then to start this business with the pure intention of educating people about water and your health and also how having an Alkaline body keeps diseases and sickness away. Designer Water also helped me understand and know my body so I know what I have done to harm it.
Through Designer Water I have a booming Waterpreneur business and helping people all over the country.
What I love about this business, is the Alkaline Ionized PH10 water. I love the staff at Designer Water, they are always readily available to assist, advise and give all needed support. They respond timeously and are really passionate about the business. Designer Water also helps every Waterpreneur to be able to stay stocked up by having distributors in, near, and not too far for us.
What I am hoping to achieve with the business, is that this business will help solve our health problems worldwide. Get people to live in an Alkaline way so as to stay in good health and live longer. Bring people together in different communities and countries to be able to live healthy together. I know it will help me reach financial stability and understanding too.
Contact Zwelethu - (064 485-5238

Meet Natasha Jones from Cape Town:

I'm 39 years old, divorced, and a single parent of two. I had a very stressful life and was diagnosed with stage 4 breast cancer on 15012020 which followed by 2 surgeries, 16 chemotherapy treatments, and 25 radiation sessions which finished 04012021.

I took on a healthy lifestyle by keeping my body alkaline to prevent a recurrence of cancer. I started with the water halfway through my radiation and experienced no fatigue and more energy and less bone pain as cancer went to my ribs hence the stage 4 diagnosis.
I am very determined to get my health back as I believe any disease will struggle in an alkaline environment.
I decided to join Designer Water, to not only keep my cancer at bay but also to ease a bit of financial strain due to endless hospital bills. I believe joining the Waterpreneur family will assist with the financial burden and I thank Designer Water for this amazing opportunity.
What I love about this business, the fact that it can contribute to your health as well as financial freedom.
What I am hoping to achieve with the business, is to be debt-free and financially independent and spend quality time with my kids.
Contact Natasha - (066) 206-9418


"My personal mission is to teach, lead and inspire 10000 people to create at least R10000 in income.
Designer waters mission is to help South Africa be healthier and end poverty. All it takes is R500 a month to end poverty and make sure you can feed yourself and or your family."
John Thompson (FOUNDER)


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