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Designer Water Customer Testimonials

"Designer Water was recommended by my doctor. I used to drink water, but now I drink a lot more. I love the way it feels in my tummy. It helps me with my stomach problems and constipation. It has helped relieve my joint pain as the doctor promised. I use to geet a lot of headaches and now I don’t get them anymore. I even take my 3 litres of water with me on the Gautrain to make sure I get enough. I can’t live without my water. I’m always telling my friends at work about it but they think water is water." Lea, PTA North

"Designer Water has helped me with weight loss, it gives my family energy and makes them feel good. It has also helped with my son’s pimples" Victor Moeti 

"The 1st time I drank the water I could feel the acid leaving my body. Now I can’t drink any other water. It just feels healthy." Jeanette, Vosloorus 

“About a year ago I started drinking your Alkaline Water and it really worked wonders for me. I tried “Alkaline Water” from another water company, they use Reverse Osmosis and re-mineralise the water. My back became stiff and more painful than usual. I developed wrist pain and it made me constipated even though I was drinking more of it than usual. I decided to go back onto your water to see what would happen. Within a week my back pain was virtually gone, my wrist was better and my tummy was working normally. Even though I was drinking less.” Teresa Welthagen, Centurion

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Unit 5, Phoenix Centre, Malibongwe Drive, Randburg


Tel: 011 791 7764 or 082 877 7560



Here's What Makes Us Different


Alklaline Water assist in restoring pH balance and can help reduce acidity levels in the body.



Antioxidants help neutralize free radicals that may cause cellular and DNA damage



Our smaller water molecule cluster size allows water to penetrate cells and hydrate more easily.



Our negatively charged hydroxyl ions may contribute to increased energy, mental clarity, and overall alertness.



Assists in the elimination of mucus build-up on colon walls, which can improve the body’s ability to absorb nutrients.


Mineral Rich

Detox Water contains alkaline minerals such as calcium, magnesium, and potassium which are essential to human health.


Designer Water Randburg

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