The Ultimate Hydration Cheat Sheet

Everyone knows how critical proper hydration is.

If you want to get even close to your big health goals, no matter what they are then you have to start properly hydrating your body with high-quality water.

In this short document, I am going to give you my hydration cheat sheet. It also includes a more detailed break down of my system for you to refer back to.

I’ll also give you the hydration calculator and finally a blank transition chart you can print and use to build up your hydration to the 3-4 litres you need for optimal health, energy and vitality.

how to put your hydration on auto-pilot..

  • 7 steps to keep you super hydrated
  • Includes the hydration calculator, to see how much water you should drink
  • Includes the hydration goal sheet chart

the ultimate hydration cheat sheet