Unleash the Power of Alkaline Water: Hydrate, Heal, and Energize with Designer Water

Wouldn’t it be nice to drink water that hydrates better than “regular” water and can assist your body to fight off disease?

The reality is that there are lots of “health” and “enhanced” waters out there that promise to hydrate you and improve your quality of life, but the sad reality is that most don’t deliver.

The media says that everyone should drink up to 8 glasses of water per day regardless of body weight, fitness or health level and water expenditure. They will also tell you that all waters are equal, but this is simply not true. The water produced by our machines is superior to "regular water" in every single way! But most importantly;

  1. Alkaline Water vs Acidic Water
  2. Antioxidant (anti-inflammatory) vs Oxidant (inflammatory)
  3. Micro-clustered (superior hydration) vs regular water
  4. High in bio-available minerals vs No minerals or dissolved minerals
Alkaline bottled water, Designer Water alkaline water range

Live Water Demonstration at one of our partners the Rejuvenating Therapeutic Centre in Bryanston (sandton)

In the Images below, we demonstrating the ability of water produced by a Chanson Miracle Max Water Ionizer to not only penetrate and emulsify oil (remember apparently oil and water don't mix), but also to make tea with cold water (no boiling of a kettle needed). This is due to the micro-clustering technology found in our amazing alkaline water machines.


We’ve tested almost every bottled water out there and we can tell you that these waters are either, acidic, oxidizing (inflammatory) or devoid of any mineral and nutritional value. We’ve taken cutting edge technology and created a water that has similar properties to the natural “miracle water” found from places such as Nordenau in Germany, Hita Tenryosui in Japan, Tlacote in Mexico and Nadone in India. What these waters have in common is that they are alkaline and anti-oxidizing (antioxidant). All of these places are frequented by thousands of people hoping to heal their ailments with hydrotherapy.

We started Designer Water because we want to make a difference which is the MAD in our tagline.  We wanted to share the incredible benefits we got in our personal lives with our clients. We have zero sick days, more energy and vitality, quicker recovery from illness and a better overall quality of life. Our water also gives us the ability to make a difference and give back by being the #wateragainstcancer and it also allows us to support various charity organizations like the sunflower fund, the hospice and the gift of the givers.

Does the water you currently drink offer you these benefits?

  1. Hydration: 17% Better Than Regular Water
  2. Weight Lost: 12 Pounds in Two Months
  3. Detoxification from 10 Heavy Metals
  4. Cholesterol Reduction
  5. Blood Sugar Problems
  6. High Blood Pressure
  7. Kidney Stones
  8. Supercharged Workouts
  9. Digestive Health: 88% Of People with Mild Digestive Upset Found Relief
  10. Liver Health: Hangover Help and Protection from Oxidative Damage
  11. May Protect Against Alzheimer’s and Dementia
  12. Bone Health

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