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Why is it Necessary For Us to Invest in A Shower Filter?

We all know the importance of drinking filtered water but how many of you know that bathing in chlorine water can actually be worse than drinking it?

Most families have taken action to filter their drinking water from chlorine and other hazardous chemicals and this is an excellent start. But, there's a much greater source of water toxin that you face every day and this could be as much as 10 - 20 times greater than the water you drink.

The challenge with chlorine is not just the way it smells or the fact that it dries out your skin and hair, but what it produces in your water supply when it combines with organic matter. When this happens, disinfection byproducts (DBPs) form and these DBPs are far more toxic than chlorine itself. There are estimates that range as high as 10,000 times the toxicity when compared with actual chlorine.

Some of the most dangerous DBPs formed are trihalomethanes (THMs) and they are classified as Cancer Group B carcinogens, which means that they have been shown to cause cancer in laboratory animals. After long-term exposure high THM concentrations have been linked to cancer and other reproductive problems.

So why does this matter? When you shower in hot water, the steam contains chlorine in vapour form. The chlorine is breathed in and it can also be absorbed by your skin and your skin is the largest organ in the body. Over time, this could cause respiratory illnesses like asthma and even certain types of cancer.

The myth of active carbon and KDF in a Shower Filter

Calcium Sulfite is a more effective media than active carbon in a shower filter. Shower water volume is very big for daily usage. The same amount (100g) of active carbon, KDF and Calcium Sulfite: active carbon and KDF only can be used for 1 ~ 2 months; Calcium sulfite can be used for 6 ~ 12 months. When taking a shower, chemicals and heavy metals are not able to hurt your skin, but the chloroform in the water can be absorbed through inhalation or the pores of the skin.

Calcium Sulfite produces a much better and safer result than the KDF in a shower filter. Many manufacturers use active carbon and KDF because of the cost concern.

(Good quality Calcium Sulfite is more expensive than active carbon and KDF)

We Have A Solution!

Products like chlorine and or chloramine are being used to disinfect your shower water, the Chanson Spa shower filter can guarantee neutralization of both.

Our shower filter uses the most effective and high quality media known, to remove these contaminants from your shower water. It has the ability to remove chlorine and DBPs from hot and cold water.


Chanson Shower Filter Features:

  • We only use the best quality Calcium Sulfite that is available on the market in our Chanson Shower Filter. Good quality Calcium Sulfite has strong De-chlorine abilities and the De-chlorine rate lasts for a long time.
  • Most media has a problem to De-chlorine in hot water and remove chlorine in seconds (for example - active carbon). Only Calcium Sulfite has the ability to remove chlorine in both hot and cold water instantaneously.

What is the anion deflector in the Chanson Shower Filter? 

The Chanson Shower Filter is also the only shower filter that uses an innovative swirling anion deflector that generates negative ions. Some benefits from Negative ions are; biochemical reactions that increase the levels of the mood chemical serotonin which can help boost daytime energy, relieve stress and it could even alleviate depression. The impact of water and electrostatics lead to negative ions in the air. Examples are areas that are close to waves breaking, forests and waterfalls. People usually feel energetic while they are in those areas.

The main advantages fore the human body include cleansing of the blood, enhancement of the immune system, improved blood circulation, activation of cells, improved sleep quality, reduces stress and fatigue and adjustment of the autonomous nervous system.

What benefit do the Ceramic Balls have? 

The Chanson Shower Filter also has special ceramic balls with FIR which help to "energize" the water as it reduces the water’s surface tension. Soaps and shampoos will also have an increase in lathering and sudsing. The water has also has a "lighter" feel, which is similar to the feeling of softened water. This will help create deep moisture, make dry, coarse hair soft and silky.

Ceramic Balls


Anion Deflector