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More nutrients. Better processes. Maximum impact.

You know how most people always have low energy levels and are sick often? Well what we do at Designer Water is make alkaline ionized water, that helps to increase your energy levels and prevent you from getting sick. In fact a lot of our clients report a better overall quality of health and a feeling of wellness within two weeks of drinking it every day.

Imagine being able to improve your quality of life in just days. Our step-by-step proven system will transform how you live and enjoy life.

We’re not talking about taking some foul-tasting medicine or herb. Designer Water tastes great and it is so soft and smooth it literally melts in your mouth.

It’s so easy, simple and affordable the whole family will love and want to use it every single day.

Together we can defy diseases, lose weight, feel great, look younger, and live longer.

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Interested in learning more about our process. Here’s how we do things.


We’ve managed to find out the secret formula of good alkaline water.


Our water has gone through different processes that will allow better nutrients for your body’s needs.


We make use of the best types of containers to house your alkaline water.


We make sure that all products are tested, examined, and are safe.


A few of favourite clients who love our products.


Now that a year has passed, I can see a profound difference in my family’s health and well-being. The water Ionizer is the only change that we made in our household so I give it credit for all the health benefits that we have noticed. We noticed immediately that the water not only tasted better, but that it was more hydrating. Instead of forcing my kids to drink water they seemed to crave it. We never leave the house without filling a water bottle first. After a few months, I noticed that my husband’s fingernails started to straighten out; they used to have deep indents and grooves in them. My daughter’s complexion has cleared, my son lost twenty pounds and I haven’t been sick in over a year. That’s just the most profound, the list goes on!

The one thing that surprised me the most was how often I use the acid water. There are so many uses for it than there are for the alkaline water. I use it every day throughout the house and garden. I use it for hygiene, first aid and for making tinctures with herbs. Again, the list goes on!!

So, thanks for a great year, I am so glad that I made that purchase!

Stephanie Murray

Water that springs forth goodness and wellness.