Get Rid of Constipation Once and For All With Alkaline Water

Alkaline water treats constipation naturally

It’s not a pleasant subject but many people live with chronic constipation. The usual solution is to reach for a laxative, but this only offers temporary relief for sufferers. While eating a balanced diet and exercising regularly can help, they do not address the real cause of constipation. However, adding alkaline water to your diet can make a difference.

Get rid of constipation once and for all with alkaline water

What is constipation?

Constipation is the result of waste taking too long to move through the digestive tract. Your stools become dry and hard making it difficult to empty your bowels. It may be a result of your diet, but even people who eat well suffer from constipation. The cause is more likely to be due to dehydration. Your large colon is responsible for keeping the waste moist, but if you’re dehydrated, your body will pull water from the colon.

Another cause for constipation may be an imbalance in the natural bacteria in your gut. Some bacteria have been identified as decreasing gut motility, which in turn results in a longer transit time. The longer stool remains in the body, the more likely it is to dry out and turn into constipation.

How does alkaline water prevent constipation?

You could drink ordinary tap water to help with chronic constipation, but there are two reasons why alkaline water is better:

  • It’s more hydrating: When a water molecule is ionised, its molecular structure changes. The size of the water molecule is reduced, creating a ‘micro-cluster’. The smaller molecules of alkaline water are better at permeating cell walls and result is superior hydration. A study done at Montana State University has proven the increased hydration experienced by subjects drinking alkaline water.
  • It aids in balancing intestinal flora: The good bacteria in your stomach thrive in an environment that’s low in oxygen. Alkaline water facilitates this by providing the body with additional hydroxyl ions that displace oxygen in the gut. Researchers in Japan studied the effect of alkaline water on the gut and discovered that it reduced intestinal fermentation and eased a wide range of digestive complaints.


How can alkaline water help?

While you would normally take a laxative only when you’re experiencing constipation, alkaline water doesn’t work the same way. It’s more a prevention than a cure, although drinking alkaline water at the onset of constipation will help to resolve the issue faster.

You should rather aim to make alkaline water a part of your regular diet. Consuming sufficient water to help your body function at its best is essential for good health. Replace your morning coffee with a glass of alkaline water and aim to drink more water throughout the day. Avoid drinking alkaline water right before your meals. The high alkalinity of the water may interfere with your ability to digest proteins.

There are many causes of constipation such as a poor diet, dehydration, stress and the use of medications. Alkaline water offers those who suffer from regular constipation a safer, gentler alternative to laxatives.