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high alkaline content

How to perform the Saliva pH Test

By John Thompson | Jan 12, 2018

To perform a Saliva pH test, First, you must wait at least 2 hours after eating. Fill your mouth with saliva and then swallow it. Repeat this step to help ensure that your saliva is clean. Then the third time, put some of your saliva onto the pH paper. The pH paper should turn blue. This…

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ionized alkaline water

Ionized Alkaline Water Strengthens Immunity Promotes Health

By John Thompson | Jan 9, 2018

Ionized alkaline water seeks out free radicals and converts them into oxygen which your body can use for energy production and tissue oxygenation. It is thought that cancer and most other illnesses cannot survive in an oxygenated, alkaline environment. This type of water is also known by scientists as Electrolyzed Reduced Water (ERW). It has…

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alkaline water myth

Alkaline Water Myth

By John Thompson | Jan 6, 2018

You may have watched the latest “Alkaline Water Myth Video” attempt to discredit Alkaline Ionized Mineral Water from Markus Roth Krantz and James Sloane “scientific expert”. When watching something like this, based on some of my own persecutory experiences the following questions pop into my head; Have either of them ever used, tested or met…

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structured water hexagonal

Structured Water And Hexagonal Water

By John Thompson | Dec 31, 2017

Structured water does not have the same properties as bulk water. Water is the carrier of the most important molecules of life, like proteins and DNA. In the book, “Cells, Gels and the Engines of Life,” evidence is presented that shows water is essential to everything the cell does. The water in our cells is not…

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molecular hydrogen

Molecular Hydrogen

By John Thompson | Dec 30, 2017

  What Is Molecular Hydrogen? Molecular hydrogen is a medical leap that is going to help many people. Molecular hydrogen is found in the earth’s atmosphere at less than one part per million.  It is the main plentiful molecule within the Universe and It is released by bacteria in the intestines during carbohydrate fermentation. Molecular…

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david wolfe

David Wolfe – Alkalize Your Body and Fight Disease with THESE 10 Foods

By John Thompson | Dec 13, 2017

Life is all about balance. Balancing work and play, family and friends, saving and splurging, and let’s not forget about balancing healthy food with the occasional treat. Balance is also key when it comes to the body’s pH levels. The Alkaline Diet Just like measuring the pH level in your pool to make sure things…

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Acid and alkaline foods and how they affect alkalinity

Acid and alkaline foods and how they affect alkalinity

By John Thompson | Dec 11, 2017

The main concept behind alkalinity and your body is to maintain a balance of pH in the foods that you eat. The human body is slightly alkaline and therefore it is better for your health to eat a diet composed of alkalizing foods. When you eat too many acidic foods, your system becomes unbalanced and…

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water ionizer machines

Water Ionizer Machines Designer Water South Africa

By John Thompson | Oct 1, 2017

  How Do Our Water Ionizer Machines Work? Positively charged ions gather at the negative electrode to create “reduced water”, which concentrates available alkaline minerals, such as calcium, magnesium, and potassium from the source. This clean, healthy micro-clustered, alkaline ionized water is drawn for drinking and cooking uses, through the main stainless steel spout. This…

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pH Meter Principle

Working Principle of pH Meter | pH Meter Principle

By John Thompson | Oct 1, 2017

What Is The pH Meter Principle? What is pH meter principle and how does a pH sensor electrode and pH meter used in quality control and manufacturing area. A pH meter is used to determine the acidity or alkalinity of the solution. pH is the concentration of hydrogen ions in the solution. A solution containing…

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